The Truth Behind Online Marketing and Pay-Per-Click

The ultimate goal is to bring people to your web site who are interested in the product, services, or information that you have on your web pages.

Both optimising and PPC will achieve that goal. Both cost money. Every time a visitor clicks through to your web site, it will cost you money. Having your web site optimised by someone will also cost you money. You can learn how to do that yourself, but that takes time and effort; which is, in itself, an opportunity cost.

Some Things To Consider:

  • Both are reoccurring costs, however, if you are serious about increasing your traffic, and targeting people who are interested in your services or products, then optimising a web site is an iterative process, which is fine tuned on a monthly basis. This is why our campaign is for a minimum of 6 months.

  • PPC often requires much more hands-on assistance from the clients company. Such are the very dynamic nature of PPC indexes, where companies are always actively bidding (much like eBay) on a placing, that a good deal of monitoring is needed to ensure a direct rival doesn't outbid you for a higher placing. Less input is needed for a search engine based-based campaign, where a set of focussed keyphrases are chosen and the search results and traffic reports indicate their effectiveness.

  • Our personal experiences have shown that PPC is too superficial against a full duration based online marketing campaign. Where a search engine listing can last months or in business directory cases - years, a targeted PPC campaign tends to only bring about a spike of traffic. Duration based campaigns more often than not provide a steady rise in hits, Internet awareness and brand identity over time.

  • PPC are becoming more popular with companies with a short-term promotion, often only to complement an already effective search engine presence. There is also doubt as to whether web-surfers actually focus their attention on "Sponsored Links" rather than the traditional search results. "Sponsored Links" sometimes get misconstrued as adverts - something not received well online.

  • While a PPC campaign may well benefit your website, priority should be given to the search engines and the industry relevant directories first (something so many sites are currently lacking) so as to provide the site with sound foundation of exposure online. In the event of only a luke-warm response from bidded keywords, the site should then still receive a stream of traffic and maintain the brand awareness of the site.

At SearchEngineer we pride ourselves on first class relations with some of the busiest shopping, business and specialist directories in the world. If you require a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website we are amongst the very best in the industry at doing so.

Call us on 01229 877111 for a tailor-made package to suit your requirements.

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