Clear Fixed SEO Costs

It costs £250 +VAT a month to manage an effective SEO or Pay-per-Click campaign.

No nonsense pricing. No setup fees. No overseas outsourcing. No minimum term or spend.
We work with you as long as you need us.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Organic SEO is perfect if you are already happy with your website, but just need a ROI.
  • All achieved clicks are free. The are no payments to Google for the traffic you receive.
  • Targets are entirely up to you. If needed, we will be happy to help you identify target phrases for your core products and services.
  • Still hands down the most cost effective way to promote your websites brand online.
  • Done correctly, SEO costs are reduced and long lasting. You can stay on the front page of search results for years.
  • Unlike Pay-per-click, you can step away from SEO for a few months and still rank in the results.
  • Natural organic search results provide credibility. Authority placings from SEO only go to trusted websites.

Google Adwords (PPC)

  • With PPC like Google Ads you jump the queue and rent your placing on Page One of Google..
  • Instant placings mean you can schedule short term bursts of advertising at little to no notice.
  • How much you pay to Google is up to you. We can minimize your costs by showing only in office hours or to a local audience only.
  • Searchengineer as part of the service will set up your Google Ads to track conversions from sales.
  • Your Advertising text and landing page can be adjusted to any page on the fly. No waiting for organics to update.
  • Searchengineer will be investing in your success. You have your own account. What we see, you see and we are training you and your team throughout.
  • You can add all of your companies products to Google Shopping and allocate extra budget to high margin product lines.

SEO & Google Ads PPC Advertising

  • The benefits of immediate placings, with the development of long-term organic positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Double-barreled listing. Doubling your click market share by reinforcing your company and product brands.
  • Gives you the opportunity to become and remain the established authority in your particular market.
  • Covers all bases. If managed correctly, over time you will be effectively head and shoulders above all of your competition.
  • Cohesion from both marketing channels allow for the use of SEO search data to tailor for high converting PPC Keywords.
  • Provides brand and localised dominance if budget permits.
  • Allows for ongoing marketing channel comparison between organic, pay-per-click and social media via Google Analytics.
  • All of our clients have their own UK based account manager. No overseas outsourcing.